What we do

Tribute Video Generation

Our Online Tribute Video creator features:

  • Tribute Video generation in minutes!
  • Fully-licensed music library
  • Download and burn a DVD-ready file
  • Post videos to your Obituaries page
  • Share videos through social media, email, etc.
  • Web Software

    Create, watch and share your video from anywhere. Downloads, updates and platforms are not required.

    (Mac + PC compatible)

  • Theme Library

    Our diverse themes are elegant and respectful.

    The theme itself does not overpower the memorial.

  • Unlimited Photos

    Upload multiple photos at once! Import images from Facebook, Flickr, and other image-sharing websites.

  • Photo Editor

    Crop and rotate photos with our simple and fast photo editing interface.

  • Add Home Videos

    Upload home videos or other video clips. Tukios accepts most digital video files

    (.mp4, .wmv, .mov, etc.)
  • Video Effects

    Users may customize transitions, effects, background and foreground images.

  • Stock Media

    Users may add or delete stock videos, scriptures, poems and quotes.

  • Add Text

    Add captions to photos, or write your own message on images from our stock library.

  • Licensed Music

    Our fully licensed music library is full of tunes people actually like.

  • Time Sync

    Each photo's display time is synced with the music's length. Unique display times may also be set.

  • Instant Video Generation

    Stop worrying and stop waiting, Tukios ™ generates your Tribute Video in minutes!

  • Burnable DVD File

    Instantly download an ISO file that can be burned to a DVD in time for the presentation.

  • Social Video and Embed Code

    Post tribute videos on your obituaries page or share them on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, etc.

  • Get Paid Residually

    Under every tribute video posted online, viewers may purchase memorial products at your marked up rate.

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