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Internet Marketing

WebLFD offers complete internet marketing services, ranging from search engine optimization to search engine marketing solutions.

Internet marketing also referred to as web marketing, online marketing and e-marketing pertains to the promotion of your products and services on the internet. Internet marketing has leveled the playing field for all businesses, enabling your funeral home, no matter how large, to market your products and services to a geographical market without depleting your budget.

When marketing to your consumer demographics you are giving them the tools they need to research your products or services at their leisure, affording them time to make an informed decision. This results in a family that is ready to buy when they contact you.

WebLFD provides press release optimization, web marketing analytics, paid search marketing and social media marketing.

Your press releases will be professionally written, creating publicity that will raise awareness about your product or service while driving traffic to your website.

Press releases will be:

  • Professionally written
  • Create publicity
  • Raise awareness about your product or service
  • Drive traffic to your website

We will monitor your paid search marketing strategy and social media marketing with analytic tools, providing you with transparent performance reports. We will customize marketing objectives based on actual data reported, ensuring your efforts are effective.

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