Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Collecting Information

We gather as much information as we can about your perceptions of a website design by learning what you want: the colors you would like to present, if you already have a logo, the service or product that needs exposure, the target market you are looking to capture online, the competitors that already have a web presence, the type of content, if any, that needs to be written. In other terms, this is where we dig. It may seem a bit nosey but I assure you it is all necessary.


Once we gather the necessary information we put together a plan of action and start researching your demographics and competitors.


We evaluate what we have found and start the design phase. We will implement the information we gathered from you and the results of the research into your design.


Once we have completed the design concepts, we will send you a link to review. If you have a modification request, then we will make the changes you have requested and then send you a link with the updated design. Once we receive two thumbs up we move forward.


Now, we will convert your approved design concept into web pages and add the content provided by you or our copywriter. We will send updated content via links in order for you to review the content, checking for any grammatical, punctual or syntax errors. If you utilize our copywriter to create the content then this will not be necessary. This phase is also where we go over the website with a magnifying glass and fine tooth comb.


The fun begins once your new website is ready for the world to see. In this phase, WebLFD will establish a campaign that utilizes research data to make your website accessible to the world and your service or product available to the consumer searching for it. In other words, this is why we went through the above process.

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